Empowering Parenting - Unleashing Your Parenting Power



Did you know your child is born with capacity to automatically become responsible, mature, resilient and talented?

And parents are a key ingredient in helping them unleash their latent abilities and potential

Research shows that there are 3 core tools that parents need to use daily to help their children transform themselves to be their best

They are:- presence, relationship and parenting mindset

Learn how to bring out all your child’s capacities by mastering Empowering Parenting (Develop your child and awaken their hidden potential)
The Empowering Parenting –  Develop Your Child & Awaken Their Hidden Potentialis a tried and tested course that will keep you on track  with your children, (despite being triggered by the any situation in your family) , enable your to communicate and build their self developmentt capacity on time, everytime while keeping you focused

This is a 9 module online training course

Here is what it will do for you.

In module 1

You will explore the foundations of parenting that will set your mindset and family setting to start practising the  powerful parenting strategies covered on this course

In module 2

You will learn about typical mistakes that parents make that undermine child development.

How parents react to child’s behaviour and its impact on child development?

Explore parenting solutions that transform children’s challenging behaviour into  responsible behaviour

In module 3

We look at 3 secrets to help you work effectively with your child

The three secrets are:

  1. Help them think not fight
  2. Enjoying your parenting
  3. Communication to transform

In module 4

You will learn how to harness your parenting relationship to help your child become responsible using  examples of meltdowns, screen time and power struggles

Module 5

Will show you how to support your child use the growth processes of handling emotional well being also called resilience

Module 6 – show you how to identify your child’s  learning style and how to help your child use their learning style to get the best from their environment

In module 7

takes a deep dive into using the talent development process, where you will learn how to identify and develop your child’s talent

Module 8

Will explore how to support  your child practice family values

Module 9

Explore how to support your child become self motivated, independent and productive