Conscious Parenting - Mastering Parenting Triangle



Did you know your child is born with capacity to automatically become responsible, mature, resilient and gifted?
And that their brain rapidly starts adapting to the environment you create and they lose these unused capacity from an early age by becoming dependent or detached in their habits
Learn how to preserve or stimulate all these capacities of your child by mastering Conscious Parenting (Mastering Parenting Triangle)
The Conscious Parenting – Mastering Parenting Triangle is a tried and tested tool that will keep you Calm in yourself with your children, (despite being triggered by the any situation in your family) , enable your to communicate and build their self developmentt capacity on time, everytime while keeping you focused

This is a 7 module online training course

Here is what it will do for you.

In module 1 your will discover how you can work naturally with your children by engaging with their needs and automatically developing a great trust bond which will endure the test of time. You will be doing this using a simple but effective child-parent engagement system in an age appropriate manner

In module 2 – you will learn how to structure your family dynamics using structure and response model, that balances the needs of your child and needs of your family. The foundation will set up the stage for practising conscious parenting in the here and now and across the life span of your child.

In module 3 you will explore the working of conscious parenting style from a 30 thousand feel view and examine how this compares with other parenting styles. This will help you optimize your parenting style

In module 4 you will learn how to harness your parenting relationship and use the 3 foundation tools of conscious parenting.

The presence tool, the open mind and curious tool and the connection tool.

Using all these skills will turn you into a go to resource for your child

Module 5 will show you how to use the growth processes of taking responsibility, maturity and resilience. We will use case studies to build your practice skills

Module 6 – takes a deep dive into using the talent development process, where you will learn how to identify and develop your child’s talent

In module 7 we will explore how to bring it all together and turn it into a daily practice while maintaining momentum to align with your practice with growth of your child.

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