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The Perfect Parenting Masterclass

Empowering Parenting

The Exact 3 Step Parenting Strategy I use to go from being and average parent to Empowering Parenting who gets co-operation, behaviour change and successful child who is happy without criticising, shouting, comparing or bribing

90 Mins – 3 Step Parenting Masterclass for Parents of Child/Teen/Child with Diagnosis

What you will learn?

1. How a leaky bucket pushes your children away


2. Support your child to operate in Face Zone to develop

3. Use Nurturing Plant Model – to focus your action

4. How Child Psychology Transforms your child’s behaviour

5. The role of family in your child’s educational success

6. The world values service attitude

7. Family values enable, empower and protect

8. Happiness habit to fuels long term success